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February 7, 2017, 12:00 AM


“Those who obey God’s commandments live in fellowship with him, and he with them,” 1 Jn. 3: 24.

Our daily walk with God is essential to a healthy, meaningful relationship with the Father. The mutual relationship that allows us to “dwell in him,” and “he in us,” is an essential part of the Christian experience. Maintaining our fellowship with the Father, hinges on three critical demands. First we must believe in Christ. This connects us with God and provides the basis for our relationship with Him, which never changes. The second aspect of our fellowship with God depends on our love for the brothers and sisters in Christ. Finally, we are to live a morally pure and righteous life before God and man, following Him in obedience to Scripture. Our fellowship with God revolves around our faithfulness to Him in these critical areas. The Spirit’s presence is not only spiritual, but is also practical. Our life verifies God’s presence in us.

Father, I ask that you forgive me of my sin and grant me the peace of a fresh, living fellowship with you. May I never let you down and may your Spirit dwell in me richly; all for your glory. Amen

Page 1 2 3 4 5 6   Entries 1-10 of 52