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January 2, 2018, 12:00 AM


“Honor your mother and father,” Eph. 6:2

We live in a time when the “typical” family in America is more than likely a single parent, raising one or more children. Although many single parents do an excellent job of caring for their children, the challenges facing single parents are enormous and weigh on the thinking of their kids. Children today are more vulnerable to the social pressures life brings and most will tell you they would rather come home to a mom and dad, at the end of the day, as opposed to not. Still, the Bible instructs us to respect and honor our parents. To honor parents that sometimes seem unworthy of the trust is a challenge, but it can be done. Often the respect can facilitate the kind of behavior desired and can lead to a deeper appreciation for a mom or dad who hasn’t been there in the past. There is always the hope that things can be better, when we place our faith in Christ.

Father, give your grace to those who feel they have been wounded by a parent. Give them you courage to do the right thing, showing honor and respect, even if it’s hard to do. Amen.

Page 1 2 3 4 5 6   Entries 1-10 of 52